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Kim Brown

Thanks for sharing Lora...I have a friend who's company sponsors Victory Junction and she has been trying to convince us to take Andrew...I think maybe family camp might be the answer for us. And - just so you know - you brought tears of happiness to my eyes as well. So glad you are both having such a positive experience - and I can't wait to hear how it goes this summer!! (Better than Disney?? Really??) Kim


You and Maria are so blessed to have each other.

Aunt Marty

Lora, thank you for sharing your feelings so openly with all of us. We love you and Maria so much!


Thanks for the post I really appreciate it it was very useful

Carolyn Shen

Thank you for the post. We will keep you all in our prayers

Stacie Mikels

True to all of your blogs...I read with tears in my eyes! Love you both!

Sharon Burney

Your letter was so heartwarmimg. I have a special needs daughter, so I understand your concerns and feelings.However my daughters needs are not as sevier and not medical.Hang in there and keep smiling, even through the tears. :)

Jordan washburn

Lora, Having been a Founder and Board Member for the camp for years, this letter brought tears to my eyes and made me thankful to God that he has allowed me to be a small part of this adventure.I have read hundreds of letters from parents,but this one was so beautiful and well written,I had to reply.We are Blessed with a staff second to none,and. Am so thankful that the two of you were Blessed with special time together,in a truly Special place called Victory Junction......Jordan Washburn. High Point,NC. Jwashburn@ northstate.net

Aunt Dee


You never cease to amaze me. Happy tears, once again!!! Thank you peaches!!! I love you!

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